EJ Stories

Environmental Racism, Last Week with John Oliver (2022)

Mountain View, NM, Toxic Tour (2022)

Sacrifice Zone:  Newark, NJ, Ironbound Neighborhood (Jan. 2021)

How the U.S. Poisoned Navajo Nation (Oct 2020)

Renewable Rikers (Aug 2020)

Tijuana-San Ysidro Border-Crossing & Air Quality Impacts (June 2020)

Rise:  From One Island to Another (April 2020)

Flint Water Crisis (2019)

Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria (2018)

Kivalina, Alaska (April 2017)

Cancer Alley, Louisiana (Nov 2017)

Quileute Tribe: Move to Higher Ground (Sept 2017)

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Gwich’in Nation (Nov. 2016)

Dakota Access Pipeline, Democracy Now (Sept 2016)

Environmental Justice in Mossville, Louisiana (2015)

Kiribati:  Sinking Islands (2014)

NYC schools noise pollution (2013)

West Harlem:  Peggy Shepard TEDx (July 2012)

Hurricane Katrina: Preparing for Our New Climate (Vicki Arroyo, TED June 2012)

Chester, Pennsylvania (2008)

Earth Day,  Albuquerque, NM (1970)

Earth Day in Albuquerque, NM (1970

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